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Problems open our files in Photoshop?

This is actually our main support request! Make sure that you run a new version of Adobe Photoshop to edit our files. We do not guarantee that all Awesomeflyer products will work in other graphic applications or with all versions of Photoshop. We do not guarantee compatibility with any version of photoshop less CS6. If you do not own a copy of Photoshop you can check out the Adobe website and download a trail version, which allows you edit all our products within 30 days.

Where do I download my purchase?

Since we currently do not support on-page sales you are able to choose between the markets we provide our files on. You can choose between the market provider. You are able to download your purchased product on the market of your choice: SellfyGumroad or CreativeMarket

Why are no stock model images included?

There are no stock photos of models included in the download of our products. First of all there are no models included to keep the prices of our designs affordable for you, furthermore to not bind you to a single stock model image. We do support different stock resources where you can sign up and download high-quality stock models:

DepositphotosPhotoduneFotolia or 123rf

Where I can read about the file licenses?

Check out our File License page to read about whats allowed with our free and premium products. 


Why does Awesomeflyer does not support on-site purchases?

We tried a lot of ways offering our flyer templates in the past. We tried nearly every possible way! Out of our experience it is the easiest and safest way to offer our premium files via third party services like Sellfy, Gumroad or CreativeMarket.

Where do I can purchase Awesomeflyer products?

We do offer our flyer templates on following markets:


Looking for a refund?

We provide a 30 day money back guarantee for all our products, if our designs not match your quality expectations. Make sure to read our full refund policy to be sure if you are able to get a refund on our products.

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