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Become an author and start earning with Awesomeflyer. Open a shop and sell your templates today! Awesomeflyer is an online platform that allows authors to open a shop and sell their templates. Whether you are a professional graphic designer or part of the template game, Awesomeflyer is the perfect platform to showcase and sell your work to a wide audience.

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    What can you sell?

    • Flyer Templates
    • Poster Templates
    • Social Media Templates


    • Managed Profiles, less work for you
    • No Exclusivity, you can sell your files anywhere else
    • Earn up to 70% Commission on every sale

    Commission levels

    1. 0 – 49 sales: 50% commission
    2. 50 – 99 sales: 55% commission
    3. 100 – 149 sales: 60% commission
    4. 150 – 199 sales: 65% commission
    5. 200+ sales: 70% commission

    What kind of templates do you feature?
    We started with flyers and posters and just added social media templates. In the future we will improve our categories, but are mainly focussed on these three kind of templates.

    What are “Managed Profiles”?
    We take care about the whole process of uploading, creating a description and listing all the file details. You just submit your files and take the money.

    No exclusivity lock
    You are free to sell your files on every market you like and there are no restrictions.

    Commission levels
    The commission levels are very low to not demotivate our authors. You are able to rise up very fast and gain the full potential of our author platform.

    We take care about the whole payment transaction and pay you monthly if your balance reaches $50 or more.

    Contact us anytime! Submit files whenever you want! We are taking 24/7 care!


    If you have any question about our flyers, don’t hesitate to contact us!